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    What is 411 & More

    The 411 & More application provides You with quick  access to dial Directory Assistance, as well as free Weather, Sports and  Horoscope information.


    411 & More is currently pre-loaded on select phones

    • T-Mobile myTouch by LG
    • T-Mobile myTouch Q by LG


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    • Quickly dial 411 to get the information you need on the go
    • Receive Weather, Horoscope and Sports information at no additional cost
    • Receive advertisements for local products and services based on your location
    • Always connect with a T-Mobile 411 operator, even when you are roaming on a partner’s network.

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    Purchase Support

    What is required for 411 & More?

    • You must have a data plan.
    • Standard 411 charges apply when connecting to a 411 operator.
    • Current Weather, Horoscope and Sports Report buttons have no charge associated, however airtime and any applicable overage rates apply.


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    How To's

    Calling Directory Assistance (411)

    1. Launch 411 & More
    2. Click the 411 Directory Assistance button
    3. The application will  launch the phone’s dialer to complete the call


    Using Current Weather, Horoscope & Sports Report

    1. Launch 411 & More
    2. Click your desired  option:
      • Current Weather
      • Horoscope
      • Sports Report
    3. The application will  launch the phones dialer and complete the call based on the button pressed.


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    Unable to Call Directory Assistance (411)

    1. Exit the application.
    2. Re-launch the application and make a new  attempt to dial 411.
    3. If the call does not connect, attempt to dial  411 directly.
      • If the direct dial and application still do not connect, note the results, and contact T-Mobile Customer Care.
      • If the direct dial does connect, note the results, and contact T-Mobile Customer Care.


    Force Close & other Application Performance Issues

    1. Power cycle the phone and re-launch the  application.
    2. Determine if the issue still remains, use Support Community to locate the Force close error or process stops unexpectedly: Android for specific help steps for this error type.
    3. If the issue remains after completing the steps in the Force close document, note the results, and contact T-Mobile Customer Care.


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