Software update development FAQs

    Find answers to commonly asked questions about software updates.





    Why do software updates take so long?

    Software updates are a long process, which require a partnership between the software developer, the device manufacturer, and T-Mobile. After the software is initially developed, the device manufacturer works with T-Mobile to customize the software for the specific device.


    Additionally, the software must be developed to support your specific phone, special phone software overlays (like HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz), the T-Mobile network, and preloaded apps and services like Visual Voicemail and Wi-Fi Calling. T-Mobile also partners with the manufacturer to add improvements and fixes.



    What happens during testing?

    Once the manufacturer creates a version to test, called a release candidate, they send it to T-Mobile for testing. The test period is usually two weeks, and it is usually conducted by selected T-Mobile employees. Depending on how the tests go, if the software:

      • Does not work as expected on our network and services, the software goes back to development to be fixed. The last thing T-Mobile wants to do is release a software that breaks part of your phone.
      • Passes the tests, then T-Mobile determines a release schedule. We then share it with you in the Software version & updates document in the space for the device.
        • To check when an Android device will have new software, see

    Software Updates

        on Support. Non-Android devices may also be listed in the future.



    Where can I find information on the latest updates?

    We understand that some of you are very eager to get new software, but we also do not want to release a software version where features are broken or not up to our standards. We ask that you please be patient for the update to be developed and stable for your device.


    You can always find information about upcoming software updates in the Software version & updates document for your device.

    1. Start by going to Phones, Tablets, & Devices space.
    2. Select your device.
    3. Once on the device page, select How Tos, then Software version & updates.


    Note: Contacting T-Mobile or the manufacturer will not provide any additional information. Customer Service uses the same Software version & updates document that you can access, and any additional information is speculative.


    Note: T-Mobile also recommends that you do not root your phone or install updated software on your own. Installing any software on your device that does not come directly from T-Mobile will (1) void your warranty and (2) prevent you from receiving future software updates from T-Mobile.