T-Mobile Mall app

    Learn about the T-Mobile Mall app. Get tips, how tos, and troubleshooting all on this page.


    Important: The T-Mobile Mall has been retired and is no longer available.



    T-Mobile Mall app details

    App features

    • The T-Mobile Mall is being shut down on September 1, 2014. As of May 12, no new content is being added to the mall.
    • As of June 1, you will not be able to purchase content and subscriptions will not be renewed.



    How tos

    Access previously downloaded content

    There is no access to previously downloaded content after the T-Mobile Mall shutdown. You can use you device app store fronts (ex: Google Play) or the internet to find the same or similar content.




    To troubleshoot problems with this app, follow these steps:


    The Mall has closed and there are many different options for you to search for and download content to meet your needs. A text message stating the following has been send out as well:


    “Free T-Mobile Msg: T-Mobile Mall is closing. We’ve cancelled your content subscription and new purchases are no longer available.”