T-Mobile TV app

    T-Mobile TV is a free monthly subscription service that provides instant, 24/7 access to a wide variety of top programming wherever you go. You can watch live broadcasts and full-length entertainment, as well as on-demand episodes of popular shows, breaking news, and sports highlights. Many channels are included with T-Mobile data plans, and you can purchase others for an additional fee. Keep in mind, subscriptions needed to use channels aren't included in free programming.




    If you're running into trouble with the app, check out our troubleshooting tips.


    Here's what you can do with the T-Mobile TV app

    • Watch standard-definition and mobile high-definition programming.
    • Stream programming using the Wi-Fi or T-Mobile's blazing fast data network.
    • Access live news, on-demand network, cable TV programming, on-demand children's TV programming, and Spanish-language channels.



    What you need to use it

    • One of the following devices:
      • An Android phone or tablet
      • An Apple iPhone or iPad
      • A Windows Phone device
    • A connection to Wi-Fi or T-Mobile's blazing-fast data network