Device reboots or restarts or shuts down: HTC Sensation 4G

    Understanding the Issue

    The device may restart, even without any interaction.  It may shut down when idle, when in your pocket, or when charging.



    Help & How to

    What to expect


    • HTC identified that third-party applications cause these problems on the device.
    • You do not need to call T-Mobile to report the restarts, because HTC is collecting your Tell HTC reports and watching the problem.
    • Use the Tell HTC feature to report every time the phone restarts. This report contains a log file that is required to determine what the problem is.
    • This issue has been improved in the most recent Android 2.3.4 / Software 1.50.531.1 update. However, third-party applications can still cause the issue.


    Resolution steps

    If the phone is restarting on its own, follow these steps:


    1. If the problem happens with Google Maps or Navigation, see: Device crash or restart with Google Maps
    2. Update the device software if it is not the latest version.
    3. If you update the software, perform a master reset after.
    4. Remove and reinsert the memory card and SD card:
      1. Remove the battery, the SIM card, and the SD card.
      2. Leave the SIM and SD card out of the phone for a few seconds.
      3. Re-insert the SD card, the SIM card.
      4. Verify the cards are seated securely and inserted all the way into the slot.
      5. Re-insert the battery.
      6. Turn on the phone.
    5. From your downloaded applications list, remove some third-party applications:
      1. From the Home screen, tap the All apps button.
      2. Press the Menu key.
      3. Tap Remove app.
      4. View the list of apps. If any of the following apps are in your list, please remove them for a few days to test if the phone restarts. These apps have caused crashes and reboots in the past.
        • AdMob (Ad. App. for android developers)
        • Android Headlines
        • Bank of America
        • Basic Color Theme
        • Fling
        • LauncherPro
        • Pandora
        • Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation
        • SecuNotePad
        • The Weather Channel
        • Talking Tom Cat Free
        • Twidroid
      5. If you do not have any of the apps on this list, please try uninstalling any additional third party apps one-at-a-time on your Sensation for a few days to test if the problem improves.
      6. To remove one, tap the app and tap the Uninstall button.
    6. Test the phone to see the the restarts continue.
    7. If there are no additional third party applications on the device, follow  Device randomly turns off: Android.