Takes screen shot with only Home key or Power button: HTC Amaze 4G

Understanding the Issue


The phone may take a screen shot when either the Home key or the Power button is pressed.


Possible causes

  • Pressing the Home key and the Power button together.
  • Need to reset the device.


The phone has a feature to take screen shots when pressing the Home key and the Power button together. See the common procedure:  Screen shot -- Take / capture.


Sometimes the device may take screen shots when you press only the Power button or only the Home key. If you think it is taking them by accident, follow the steps below.



Resolution Steps


To resolve this issue, update the device software.   


Making the Home key work

If you are taking screen shots by accident, follow these steps:


  1. Taking screen shots is a new feature of Android 2.3.4. To take a screen shot, hold the Power button, and then immediately press the Home key.
    • HTC has identified a potential cause for screen shots to be taken accidentally, and is working on a software update. It has no scheduled date to be completed. Please watch support.t-mobile.com for updates.
  2. To make the Home key work again:
    1. Press the Power key, to put the device in standby.
      Note: This un-sticks the Power key if it has become stuck. If the Power key remains stuck, it may cause the device to restart.
    2. Press the Power key again and drag the Ring up on the lock screen, to wake up the device.
    3. Press the Home key.


Troubleshooting when this happens frequently

If your phone frequently takes screen shots by accident (not just occasionally), follow these steps:


  1. If the phone is taking screen shots when you only press one button, remove the back cover and the battery.
  2. On the back cover, look at the Power button and press it to make sure it is not getting stuck.
  3. On the top of the device without the cover, look at the Power button and press it to make sure it is not getting stuck.
  4. Re-insert the battery and replace the back cover.
  5. Turn the phone on again.
  6. Test if the Home key and Power button are working correctly.
  7. If the issue continues, turn off back up and restore:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Privacy.
    4. Clear the Back up my settings check box.
  8. Perform a master reset. See: Perform master reset.