Ad notifications: Android

    You may see an ad icon at the top of the screen in the notification bar. Pulling down the notification bar and touching the ad will typically open a web site or app.


    Note: These icons and ads are push ads that installed on your phone along with one of your non T-Mobile apps. The ads will typically continue as long as you have the app installed



    Stop the ad and remove ad notifications

    1. Review apps you have installed to determine which one may have push ads included in it.
      Note: To help determine what app is causing the ads, you can:
      • Consider which apps that you installed before the ads started.
      • In the Play Store, read reviews other customers wrote about your installed apps.
    2. Remove apps that may have included the ads.
    3. If the ads go away, be sure not to reinstall the apps.
    4. If this does not remove the icon or ads from the Notification bar, perform a master reset using your device How tos.




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