Cannot access Play Store: Android

    Understanding the Issue



    • Play Store or Android Market cannot sign in or fails
    • 'An error has ocurred'


    Possible causes


    • Network Problem
    • Gmail/Google Account Problem
    • SIM Problem



    Resolution Steps

    To resolve the Play Store not signing in or not connecting, follow these steps:


    1. If the problem is related to one of the following errors, see:
    2. Try to open the Play Store on both Wi-Fi and T-Mobile data.
    3. Verify you can sign into your Gmail account through a computer.
    4. Verify Two-Way Verification has been turned off, then attempt to sign in again.
    5. Verify you have signed into that Gmail account on the device. 
    6. Ensure Data is Enabled. Please check Common Procedures for the device for specific steps.
    7. If you are receiving an error message, see Error: 'Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. Your SIM card may not be provisioned with data services': Android.
    8. If you have an alternate device that can connect to the internet, put your SIM card into it to test that it works.
    9. If an alternate device cannot connect with your SIM card, go to a T-mobile store to replace your SIM card. 
    10. Clear data in the Play Store app.
      1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
      2. Tap Applications.
      3. Tap Manage Applications.
      4. Tap Google Play Store.
      5. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache if they are available.
      6. Press the Back key.
      7. Tap Download Manager.
      8. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache if they are available.
    11. Turn the device off, and turn it back on.
    12. Try to connect to Play Store again.
    13. If the above troubleshooting steps fail, perform a master reset.



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