Cannot access Play Store: Android

    Troubleshoot issues accessing the Play Store on an Android device.




    1. Try to open the Play Store on both a Wi-Fi and a T-Mobile data connection.
    2. Verify that the Download Manager is enabled. See your device > How tos > Manage apps for exact steps.
    3. Clear the Google Services Framework cache:
      1. Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications.
      2. Navigate to the All section and tap Google Services Framework > Clear cache.
    4. Verify you can sign into your Gmail account through a computer.
    5. Verify Two-Way Verification has been turned off, then attempt to sign in again.
    6. Remove the Google account and re-add it, verify you have signed in to the Gmail account on the device.
    7. If you are receiving an error message, see Error: 'Can’t establish a reliable data connection...': Android.
    8. Force stop and Clear data in the Play Store app: See your device  > How tos > Manage apps.
    9. Turn the device off and back on, then try to connect to Play Store again.
    10. If the above troubleshooting steps fail, perform a master reset. See your device  > How tos > Reset.




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