Play Store issues on an Android device

Google fully supports the Play Store app and download service. T-Mobile supports Carrier Billing to charge apps to your phone bill.


If you need help with doing any step, visit the Devices page, select your device, and find the steps.



Play Store loading, downloading apps, or buying apps

For any issues with:


  • Opening or logging in to the Play Store
  • Buying apps
  • Downloading apps
  • In-app purchases
  • Other app issues


Please visit the Google Play Help Center.



Billing to your T-Mobile account

If you want to charge Play Store purchases to your T-Mobile bill, you can add Carrier Billing to your payment methods:


  1. Check that you set up a Google Wallet account. This is required first.

  2. Open the Google Play Store app.

  3. Select an app or digital content item.

  4. Tap the price, then review and Accept permissions to continue.

  5. Next to the price, tap the Down arrow.

  6. Tap Payment methods.

  7. Tap Use T-Mobile US Billing.

  8. Review and Save your account information.


If you have problems with Carrier Billing, then follow these steps to troubleshoot:


  1. Your account must not have Family Allowances, Web Guard, or any blocking features. Charging to your T-Mobile bill is not possible unless these are removed, as well as any feature package that includes them.
  2. Check that you set up a Google Wallet account.
  3. Make sure you haven't charged $80 this month already. This is the maximum credit per line, until your next bill cycle.
  4. Check if other payment options (credit card, etc.) fail. If they do, the problem is with the Play Store. Please visit the Google Play Help Center.
  5. Turn off Wi-Fi to ensure you're on the T-Mobile network.
  6. In the web browser, open a few web pages to check your Internet connection is loading. If not, follow No Internet troubleshooting instead.
  7. Clear the app cache and data for the Google Play Store app.
  8. Remove Carrier Billing from your payment methods, and re-add it.
  9. Turn the device off. Wait a minute, and then turn it back on.
  10. Try to make the purchase again.
  11. If you still have problems charging apps to your T-Mobile bill, Contact Us to take a deeper look into your account setup.