Error: 'Can’t establish a reliable data connection...' on Android

    Troubleshoot the error: 'Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. Your SIM card may not be provisioned with data services'  when accessing Gmail, Play Store, or web sites within the browser.




    1. Turn the device off, wait 5 seconds, then turn the device on.
    2. Check that there is at least two bars of signal strength and a data connection.
    3. Verify that the data settings are correct on your device. See Reset default APN settings for steps.
    4. If problems continue, check that Wi-Fi is turned off and the device is connected to T-Mobile network.
    5. Check if the device is running the latest software. If not, update.
    6. Check if the device is signed in to Google services using these steps:
      1. Touch the Gmail, Play Store, or Accounts icon.
      2. If the phone prompts you to sign in, touch Create account or Sign in.
    7. If the issue continues, perform a master reset using the steps in your device > How tos > Reset.