Developer contact information

    Apple App Store

    1. From the App Store, navigate to the application's page.
    2. Tap on the Reviews tab.
    3. Tap on App Support.
    4. The web browser will load the application's support page for assistance.
      Note: Not all application support pages have a method for emailing the developer.



    Play Store

    1. From the Play Store, tap Menu.
    2. Tap My apps.
    3. Tap the application name.
    4. Scroll down to the 'About the developer’ section.
    5. Tap Send email to developer.
    6. Tap a mail account to use.
    7. Enter a message.
    8. Tap Send.



    BlackBerry App World

    1. Navigate to the desired application in BlackBerry App World.
    2. On the Details screen, press the Menu key.
    3. Select Contact Support.
    4. Enter a message.
    5. Press the Menu key.
    6. Scroll to and select Send.



    Nokia Ovi Store

    1. Launch the Nokia Ovi Store.
    2. Select My Stuff.
    3. Locate and select the desired application.
    4. The developer contact information will be available in the application overview.



    Windows Marketplace

    1. Navigate to the application's details page in the Catalog.
    2. Review the contact information to contact the developer.