Roambee BeeAware asset tracker

Learn about the Roambee BeeAware asset tracker how it helps you manage and locate your company's inventory.




About Roambee BeeAware

  • Roambee uses embedded sensors to connect everyday equipment (like shipping containers & construction equipment) to the Internet.
  • The BeeAware embedded sensors are loaned, not purchased, so you don't have to worry about up-front equipment costs.
  • Install them directly on company assets, then track them through the Roambee web-portal, which provides real-time location and cloud based analysis.
  • The devices only "wake up" to communicate with the portal at specific intervals. You'll see a 45 day battery life if pinging once per hour.
  • You can't port or change the phone number for Roambee. The area code won't match your location, but the device isn't for calling or texting so that's fine.
  • You also can't change the SIM card on a Roambee line of service, unless you're replacing the device.


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Get help with Roambee BeeAware

  • Check our narrowband coverage map to see where Roambee BeeAware will work. International and domestic roaming are not supported.
  • The Roambee portal contains some basic How Tos for managing users and devices, like changing how often a device pings to improve battery life.
  • Roambee has a great website where you can get more information as well.


Buttons & LEDs

Roambee Buttons & LEDs.png


  1. Network LED: Blinks green fast when searching for coverage, blinks green slowly when connected, and is off when in sleep mode or off.
  2. Battery LED: Solid red when charged, blinks red fast when charging or powering on/off, blinks red slowly when the battery is low, and is off when device is on and working fine.
  3. GPS LED: Solid yellow when it has a GPS fix, blinking yellow when searching for GPS, and is off when in sleep mode or off.
  4. Power button: Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on or off
  5. USB charging port: Plug in your charging cable here
  6. Multi-function button: Long press to report the current location and restart GPS fix.
  7. Hanging hole: Used to hang the device when affixing is not an option



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