Cancel a line of service for your business account

We'd hate to see you go. Cancellations can't be completed online or through the T-Mobile App. If you decide to cancel your line or account, or have additional questions, contact us or dial 611 from your device. We're here to help!


  • As long as your account stays open, any Equipment Installment Plan device payments on a canceled line will continue to bill as usual.
  • If the entire account is closed, all remaining Equipment Installment Plan device payments will be charged and due with your final bill.
  • Once a line is canceled, voicemail and DIGITS call histories and messages are deleted and can't be recovered. Don't forget to save any messages you might want to keep before you cancel.
  • Once your account has been canceled and no open lines remain, you'll no longer have access to My T-Mobile.
  • Final payment can be made through our automated phone system, Retail, Business Care, or by mailing in your payment.