Change the billing name on your business account

While typos are rare, they happen to the best of us. If part of the billing name on your account contains a typo or is missing a small word (such as and, the, of, etc.), we got you covered!


  • Simply contact us or dial 611 from your device to have it fixed. You'll be asked to verify your account first but once we get the formalities out of the way, we'll fix the typo for you.
  • You'll receive an automated message confirming the name change once it's complete. You may also receive an address change notification in error, which you can disregard.


Full or legal name change

Did you know we can fix a full or legal name change for you as well? There's a bit more to the process on your end as well as ours, but we're here to help get that changed for you.

  • You must take documentation to a retail store. To find the nearest retail store, click here.
  • Valid documentation includes one of the following:
    • Evidence of registered business name (e.g., Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Good Standing) with the applicable Secretary of State (SOS) or name change document from the SOS
    • Articles of Incorporation / Business Organization
    • Federal tax ID number documents with the current name
    • Bank account with the new business name on the account


Change the billing name and federal tax ID number on your account

If you need to completely change both the billing name and federal tax ID number on your account, it requires us to run credit on the new business info. Once that's done, we can complete a transfer of account or line ownership, and then move the lines from the old account to the new account. To start this process, contact your sales rep or visit a retail store.