Change the bill due date for your business account

If you need to change your monthly bill's due date and you meet the qualifications below, contact Business Customer Service for support or dial 611 from your device.


  • You haven't previously changed your bill due date in the last 12 months.
  • The new date is more than five days from the current due date.


Business account impacts

With a Bill Arrears account, you are billed for charges within your billing cycle, but you pay after the end of that cycle. Check out the info below to see what will happen to your account if you change your billing cycle and due date.


  • When you move to a new billing cycle, you will have 2 bill payments due in a short amount of time. One for the full current month and a prorated one for the next month.
  • Automatic bill credits are not applied to prorated charges and will continue the next full bill cycle after your cycle change.
  • Equipment Installment Plans and JUMP! on Demand monthly device charges will not be prorated. You will see an installment on each new, full billing statement.
  • If you are set up on AutoPay, your payments will automatically process according to your original due date, and your new due date once your cycle change goes into effect.
  • For Individual Sole Proprietor accounts: Installments for Extended Payment Schedules will be included on each new billing statement, including those prorated due to the billing cycle change.