Headset troubleshooting: Nokia Lumia 710

Troubleshoot or learn more about audio issues while using or just after using a wired headset. The Nokia Lumia 710 has an American Headset Jack (AHJ) 3.5 mm connector which is different than the pin-out from traditional Nokia 3.5 mm AV connector (older Nokia headsets). Customers using older headphones with a microphone (example: a headset received with a Nokia 6130) will experience above issues. This is due to the design changes between AHJ and AV headsets shown below. Customers using older Nokia headphones without a microphone should not experience the above issues.


To fix this issue:

  1. Disconnect the headset from the phone.
  2. Manually turn the volume up on the phone.
    • Turn volume up for ringer while you are not in a call
    • Turn volume up for call while are on a call.
  3. Test an AHJ headset (most headsets sold in the US are AHJ headsets including all headset sold in T-Mobile stores).

AHJ.bmp Nokia PIN.bmp