View payment history

    Learn how to view your payment history. To obtain records for payments going back past 1 year, contact T-Mobile Customer Service. Keep in mind, payment history is only available to customers on monthly postpaid plans.


    To view payment history from a computer:


    1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
    2. Under Alerts, click View all alerts and activity.
    3. Under Account history, click Payments. Use the filter to look at payment history for up to 24 months.
      View payment history


    To view payment history through the T-Mobile app:


    Open the app from the home screen and tap Menu > Billing & payments.

    • View your most recent bill amount under the Bill history card or view past bills by selecting View Full Bill History.
    • View your most recent payment amount under the Payment history card or view past bills by tapping View Full Payment History.


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