2018 Q4 Galaxy Watch Buy One Get One Half Off

-Offer no longer available- For a limited time, well-qualified customers who buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch on EIP with a qualified Data with paired DIGITS plan and add a new DIGITS line can save up to $200 off a second Samsung Galaxy Watch through 24 monthly bill credits. If you cancel wireless service, credits stop and remaining balance becomes due.



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When is this deal available?

November 16 - December 24, 2018

Where can I get this deal?

This offer is no longer available.

What do I need to do?
  • Purchase two new Samsung Galaxy Watches on EIP
  • Activate a new DIGITS line for one of the watches
  • Use both watches with a Data with paired DIGITS plans
Do I need a new line of service?

Yes, you'll need to activate at least one new DIGITS line to use with your watch.

Do I need a specific plan?

Yes, you need to have a Data with paired DIGITS plans for each watch. Learn more about DIGITS plans.

Get your credit

You'll receive text message confirmation once you're qualified for the deal, and your 24 monthly credits will begin within two bill cycles after purchase.


If you don't see a credit on your first bill, you'll see a double or make up credit on your second bill. Learn more about Promotional credits.

Anything else I should know?
  • You cannot combine this offer and Carrier Freedom or #GetOutoftheRed on the same lines on your account.
  • Limit of 6 redemptions per account (12 watches).
  • This offer will appear on your bill as 2018 Q4 Galaxy Watch Buy One Get One Half Off. You can always find details about this offer at T-Mobile offer details under the promo code T021.



Get help with this deal

Not seeing your credits on your account? No worries! We got you covered. It can take up to 2 bills before your credits apply to your account. If you're still not seeing your credits or received a notification from us that you're no longer eligible for this deal, check out Promotional bill credit help.




Why would I need a data plan for my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Having a data plan for your Galaxy Watch allows you to always stay connected even when you're out of Bluetooth range of your phone. You can buy your Data with Paired Digits data plan when you buy your watch from T-Mobile.


If you didn't purchase the watch directly from T-Mobile, once you Bluetooth your watch to your T-Mobile phone and open the Galaxy Wearable app (formally Samsung Gear) on your phone you'll go thru a step-by-step set-up where you can purchase the Data with Paired Digits plan.


What if I already have a DIGITS plan for a different smartwatch?

Unfortunately, no, we are only currently offering the Data with Paired Digits rate plans for the Galaxy Watch.


Which Samsung phones are compatible with the Galaxy Watch?

Currently, you can use your new Galaxy Watch with all Samsung devices from the Samsung Galaxy S6 and newer.