Bill support

Learn what to do when you haven't received a bill, you're seeing charges from a month or two ago, or you need to report a bankruptcy.



Missing or late bill

Below are some common reasons your bill may be delayed. If your bill is missing or late, and none of the below reasons fit, head on over to View or print your bill & payments page.


  • Have you recently activated paperless billing on your account? If paperless billing is active you will no longer receive a paper statement.
  • Check to see if your address on file is correct, or if it has been recently changed.
  • Did you sign up to receive a new discount on your account? Changes such as this can cause your bill to be delayed so we have time to calculate your new rate.
  • Account changes, such as activating a new line, transferring a line to your account, promotions, or changing your services can also temporarily impact your bill being sent out.



Delayed charges

There may be times when you don't see charges until one or two bill cycles after they occur. These delayed charges are commonly associated with roaming, but there are several reasons that charges can be delayed.


  • The most common cause for delayed charges is roaming (domestic or international) on another network:
    • Before T-Mobile can bill you for roaming on another network, the service provider must supply us with the call records.
    • Service providers commonly don't send such records until the following bill cycle.
  • Delayed charges can also result from other account activity:
    • Bill cycle changes
    • Delayed activations
    • Mobile number changes
    • SIM card and equipment changes




Need to report a bankruptcy contact us, you'll need to have these items handy.

  • T-Mobile account billing name
  • T-Mobile account number
  • Bankruptcy case number
  • Name bankruptcy was filed under
  • State bankruptcy was filed in


Don't have a bankruptcy case number? You can mail us your bankruptcy documents. Make sure to include your T-Mobile account number, Social Security number, or Tax ID number on all documents mailed. Allow 10 business days for processing.


T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Bankruptcy Department

PO BOX 53410

Bellevue, WA 98015-3410



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