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    Play Store details

    App features

    • Download & install apps directly to your phone
      • Shop by Category, Features, Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free and Trending
    • Fun and challenging games for endless entertainment
      • 1000s of free and paid games available
    • Access to books at your fingertips.
      • Immediate access to classics and new top selling books anywhere you go
    • Watch movies directly on your phone
      • Access to 1000s of movies to rent at a low cost, including new releases
    • Listen to your favorite songs on the go with Google Music
      • Purchase individual songs and entire albums from the Play Store and share them with your friends using Google+



    App requirements

    • Android phone or tablet



    How tos

    Switch between Gmail accounts

    To switch between Gmail accounts, follow these steps:


    1. Access the Play Store
    2. Tap the Menu key
    3. Tap Accounts
    4. Select the desired Gmail account



    Set up a purchase PIN

    To set up a purchase PIN, follow these steps:


    • Note: Any time you change phones, you must set a new PIN for Play Store purchases.
    • Note: Once a purchase PIN is activated, you must enter it before any purchase is completed.


    1. Launch the Play Store
    2. Tap the Menu key
    3. Tap Settings
    4. Tap Set or Change PIN
    5. Enter your PIN
    6. Re-enter your PIN
    7. Press Use PIN for Purchases



    Set content filters

    To set content filters, follow these steps:


    1. Launch the Play Store
    2. Tap the Menu key
    3. Tap Settings
    4. Tap Content Filtering
    5. Un-check any content you wish to not be shown.
    6. Tap OK
    • Note: To ensure these settings are locked and may only be changed by you, you may also set up a purchase PIN using the steps above.



    Purchase an app, game, book, or rent a movie

    To purchase an app, game, book, or rent a movie, follow these steps:


    1. Launch the Play Store
    2. Select the category of content you are looking for:
      • Apps
      • Games
      • Books
      • Movies
    3. Tap the item you wish to purchase
    4. Tap the Blue Price Box
      Note: If the item is free, the Blue Price Box will read Free
    5. Tap Add Payment Method
    6. Select one of the two available options:
      • Bill my T-Mobile US Account
      • Add Card
    7. Once you have made your payment selection (and entered Credit Card details if chosen), tap Accept & Buy
    8. A confirmation screen will display including a link to Terms & Conditions
    9. Tap Accept to complete the purchase



    Update Google Wallet

    To update your Google Wallet, follow these steps:


    1. Go to
    2. Log into your Gmail Account
    3. Click on Products
    4. Click on Checkout
    5. Click on Payment Methods
    6. Make the desired changes



    Locate T-Mobile recommended apps

    Within the Play Store, T-Mobile continues to recommend apps. To locate the T-Mobile recommended apps, follow these steps:


    1. Launch Play Store
    2. Tap the Apps button
    3. Drag the screen up to allow content on the lower screen to  populate
    4. Tap T-Mobile



    Search for apps, games, books & movies

    To search for apps, games, books, & movies, follow these steps:


    1. Launch Play Store
    2. Tap the Magnifying Glass Icon in the upper right hand corner
    3. Enter the item you wish to find
    4. Tap Go
      Note: You may also go into a content type (Apps, Games, Books or Movies) and  search by Category or use the Magnifying Glass Icon



    How to see my apps

    To see your apps, follow these steps:


    1. Launch the Play Store
    2. Tap the Menu key
    3. Tap My Apps.
      Note: If you have multiple Google accounts, only the items purchased with the Google Account currently signed in will be visible. See, Switch between Gmail accounts (above)  for how to see the other purchased items.





    To troubleshoot problems with the Play Store app, follow these steps:


    Basic troubleshooting

    Important: Complete these steps before proceeding to specific issues.

    1. Recreate the issue
      • Access the Play Store on your phone
      • Attempt to perform the function that is not working and note any error messages
      • If you continue to receive errors, try to  perform another function within the Play Store and note the results
    2. Test general web access by accessing an external web site like or
    3. Close all apps & restart the phone
    4. Test to see if the issue is resolved



    Advanced troubleshooting

    • If the issue is not related to a sign-in error, escalations need to be referred directly to Google.
      1. Go to
          1. Find any necessary information:
            1. Launch the Play Store
            2. Tap the Menu key
            3. Tap Settings
            4. Tap Help



    Troubleshooting sign in errors

    Google has two types of verification available for every account. If Two-Way Verification is active, attempts to sign on through any device other than a computer will result in a "Wrong Password or Username " error message and will not sign you in. To troubleshoot problems with sign in errors, follow these steps:


    1. Turn off Two-Way Verification from a computer, then attempt to sign in again.
    2. If the issue is still occurring, contact us.



    Report an issue with the Play Store

    The Play Store is a third-party app. To report an issue with the Play Store, follow these steps:


    1. Go to
    2. Click the Contact  Us With Questions or Issues.
    3. Click Android Apps.
    4. Click Known Issues.
    5. Click Let  Us Know at the bottom of the page.



    Unable to Bill a purchase to T-Mobile Bill

    The Play Store does support Carrier Billing, however each Developer maintains their own Carrier Billing Authorization. Follow the steps below to determine where the issue is:


    1. Confirm your billing account does not have any of the following restrictions:
      • Family Allowances
      • Content Blocking
      • Web Guard
    2. Launch the Play Store
    3. Attempt to Carrier Bill a known capable item
      • Tip: Fruit Ninja is a well known Carrier Billing supported item
      • IMPORTANT: T-Mobile is not authorized to issue refunds for Play Store purchases. Ensure you do not go beyond Step 5 listed above in the steps to purchase a game or app.
    4. If Bill my T-Mobile USA Account is not a payment option, contact the Developer as they do not support Carrier Billing.
    5. If Bill my T-Mobile USA Account is a payment option, contact us to have the issue investigated.





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