Thread and comment status indicators

Wondering what it means when you see a thread marked "Assumed Resolved" or "locked"? Look no further than the bottom of this page cause well, anything below is probably just your computer's task bar which isn't going to help you figure out what it means when a thread has a comment that was marked helpful or correct.





When a thread is locked, there can be no further comments on that specific thread.


  • Locked status counts for the entire thread
  • Only Community Managers and T-Mobile staff can lock or unlock threads
  • Threads are usually locked when there are other threads about the same topic, or we want to direct all the traffic to a specific thread for easier viewing


Assumed resolved

Assumed resolved is a tricky one. You may find that when you are reading through threads you will see a "This question has been reviewed by a staff member and is assumed resolved" at the top. If you come across this, it means that there was no confirmed resolution and the original poster has not yet came back to let everyone know that their question or concerned was resolved and there are no replies on the thread from other users that are confirmed resolutions.

Assumed resolved.PNG

  • Assumed resolved status counts for the entire thread
  • Only Community Managers can mark a question as "Assumed Resolved"
  • If a thread is marked "Assumed Resolved" it can still be commented on but may not receive a response from a community manager unless there was a community manager on the thread originally
  • Threads are only marked "Assumed resolved" If the original poster has not returned to the thread to confirm a resolution after 48 hours



On some threads, you may see some comments that have been marked "Helpful". This means that the original poster or anyone else viewing the thread though that comment was of some sort of help to them or to the concern as a whole.


  • Helpful status only counts for a single post in a thread
  • Anyone viewing the thread can mark a comment as "Helpful"
  • Marking an comment as Helpful will also award the commenter with some points and or a badge in the community's ongoing game



This one is pretty easy. This status can only be granted by original poster or a community manager and is used when there is a clear correct answer to the original post.


  • Correct status only counts for a single post in a thread
  • Only the original poster or a Community Manager can mark a comment correct
  • A comment that is marked as "Correct" will be elevated to the top of the thread and placed right below the original post for ease of viewing
  • Marking an answer "Correct" will also award the commenter with some points and or a badge in the communities ongoing game



My thread was locked! What do I do!?

If you have questions regarding a topic that was locked, you will need to create a new thread.


Why was my thread marked "Assumed Resolved" when its not resolved?

The thread was marked "Assumed Resolved" because there was no clear resolution to the thread and the original poster did not come back to the thread to let anyone know that they still had concerns for over 48 hours.


I found an answer that was marked "Correct" and it is just a Community Manager sending a private message to someone. How do i know what the resolution was?

In this situation, the Community Manager needed to gather personal information from the user to better assist them and we don't want users to post their information publicly. If the original poster does not come back to the thread to let everyone know the outcome of their concern, you can @mention them to see if them can share that info.



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