PCI Security Standards

Effective June 30, 2018 the newer security protocols released by the Payment Card Industry in 2016 will begin to be enforced across all applications, websites, or services involving payments






Why am I experiencing authentication or authorization issues?

Customers using legacy devices may experience the inability to login or make payments on certain apps or websites as a result of these new industry standards. To help keep your phone in working order, make sure your apps and operating system are up-to date. Check to see if you have the most updated software version for your device!


Why do I need to update my OS?

Older OS versions also do not natively support newer security protocols, and due to a change to industry standards, certain apps and functions may not work on them after June 30, 2018. Additionally, keeping your OS up to date ensures that your experience is the best it can be!


How do I update my OS?

For Android phones: Visit Settings, Update Software, Download Update. For iOS devices: Visit settings, General, Software Update You may need to be connected to Wi-Fi to download the system update. Feature phones are generally unable to update their OS.


My phone says it is unable to update to a newer OS version?

Certain older devices may not be able to update to newer versions of their operating systems because of hardware limitations.


What will happen if I didn’t update by 6/30/2018?

You may lose the ability to use some of the apps and websites that you have visited in the past. This update allows you to continue using your phone and having a great experience!