Advanced Messaging

Advanced Messaging is T-Mobile’s next generation messaging service that allows you to send high-resolution photos and larger video files. You can also see when your messages have been delivered, when they are read, and even when others are typing a response! There is no app to download, no separate account to configure, and no password to enter.



About Advanced Messaging

If you have an Advanced Messaging-capable device, you can benefit from these enriched messaging features:


  • Instant access: Advanced Messaging is available directly in your device's built-in messaging application.
  • No additional downloads needed: It has many of the features of downloadable apps, but uses the phone number you already have and nothing else.
  • Is typing: You can see when other participants are typing a message.
  • Read and Delivered: Not only do you know that your message was sent, you can see when the message is delivered and when it's read.
  • Support for richer multimedia: Send up to 10 MB worth of multimedia, such as photos, videos, and audio.



Manage Advanced Messaging preferences

Advanced Messaging comes enabled out of box. You don’t have to do anything to get started. To learn how to manage Advanced Messaging preferences, check out the Devices page for your device.



Universal Profile 1.0

We are committed to launch new, meaningful features and services that give our customers the best experience on the T-Mobile network. As of June 28, 2018, our network supports this technology on selected devices. T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices are first in line to receive the new service through a software upgrade. More devices will be supported later this year.


New features supported with Universal Profile 1.0 are:


  • Open Group Chat with up to 100 participants: Add people to your existing messaging thread.
  • Group Chat enhancements: Assign a name and picture to your favorite groups, and allow a person to manage the conversation.
  • Larger file transfer up to 100MB: Share larger videos and full resolution images!
  • Geo-location sharing: Easily share your location without leaving your messaging app.



Advanced Messaging vs Universal Profile 1.0


FeaturesAdvanced MessagingUniversal Profile 1.0
"Is Typing" statusYesYes
Read and Delivered statusYesYes
File size limitUp to 10MBUp to 100MB
Group chat size limit20 participants100 participants
Group chat subjectNoYes
Group chat iconNoYes
Group AdministratorNoYes
Messaging between carrier (Carrier interoperability)NoYes*

*Universal Profile 1.0 support is designed to work across different wireless providers as soon as they’re ready to support it and interconnect with T-Mobile.





What devices support Advanced Messaging?

You can check if a device has Advanced Messaging by visiting Tech specs > Connectivity for any device in Devices.


Do I need to do anything special to turn Advanced Messaging on?

All devices in a messaging conversation have to support T-Mobile Advanced Messaging. The Messages app on your device is either ready to go out of the box or is updated through a software update. The devices have to either be on the T-Mobile 4G LTE network (with VoLTE turned on) or using T-Mobile WiFi Calling.


Will Universal Profile 1.0 work across different carriers? If so, when will that support happen?

For now, this is something you can only get at T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices with the latest firmware. It's up to the other carriers to adopt the Universal Profile 1.0 standards so you can enjoy these next-gen messaging features across wireless providers.