Pay your T-Mobile bill for business accounts

We've got all your options on how to pay your T-Mobile bill and how long it takes to post to your account. Or, you can take a shortcut to online payments by clicking the button below.



If you're looking for peace of mind and don't want to hassle with making a payment every month, click here to learn more about AutoPay. AutoPay is a free service that automatically deducts payments from your credit card or checking account to pay for your T-Mobile service.



Pay your bill online

  1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  2. Select the PAY BILL button and complete the required fields to process your payment.



Pay your bill over the phone

Dial *PAY (*729) or 1-800-375-1126 to make a payment through our automated phone system. If you’d like to speak to a human being to pay your bill, there’s no charge.



Mail your payment

To mail your payment, send your check or money order to one of the following addresses:



PO Box 790047

St. Louis, MO 63179-0047


PO Box 742596

Cincinnati, OH 45274-2596



Automatic wire transfers

An automatic wire transfer (also known as ACH) is an electronic funds transfer payment. There's no need to contact your bank to set up an ACH funds transfer.


  1. Contact Business Care by calling 1-800-375-1126 or dialing 611 from your device to set up an ACH wire transfer. It only takes about five business days to get you set up.
  2. Be prepared to provide your email and mailing address if it's different than what we have on your account. We'll submit a request to have the ACH setup form sent to you.
  3. Once you receive the form, simply fill it out and email it to the email address provided on the form. The form in its entirety must be completed before payments can be submitted.
  4. Begin sending ACH payments to the T-Mobile Account Number and Routing Number provided on the form. Remember to allow a minimum of five business day before sending payments.



Payment posting timelines

If your payment hasn't posted within the amount of time mentioned below, contact T-Mobile Business Customer Service at 1-800-375-1126.


  • Credit Card and Electronic Check payments usually post immediately when made over the phone, on My T-Mobile, or in a T-Mobile retail store, but can take up to two hours.
  • Mailed payments, including Money Orders, post within 10 days from the mailing date.
  • Online payments offered through your bank or other online companies, not, usually post to your account within seven days.
  • ACH wire transfers are typically withdrawn from your bank within three days of your bill becoming available. Actual times vary by bank.
  • Walk-in payment services, such as CheckFree, and MoneyGram ®, usually post within two hours.