Payments 101

Here’s what you need to know about making a payment on your T-Mobile account.



Payment options


Payment Type
Payment Method

T-Mobile retail store

Checking/Savings account
  • Automated call payment system
  • AutoPay
  • Customer care
  • Future dated payment
  • MyT-Mobile
  • Scheduled payment
  • T-Mobile app
Credit/Debit card
  • Automated call payment system
  • AutoPay
  • Customer care
  • Future dated payment
  • MyT-Mobile
  • Scheduled payment
  • T-Mobile app
  • T-Mobile retail store
Money order

Mailed payment

Paper checkMailed payment


Posting timelines

The general time frame for a payment to show on your T-Mobile account depends on the payment type, and payment method.


  • Payments made on MyT-Mobile, T-Mobile app, automated call payment system, customer care or in a T-Mobile retail store usually post right away but can take up to two hours.
  • Mailed payments, including money orders, post to your T-Mobile account within 10 days from the mailing date.
  • Online payments offered through your bank or other online companies, not, usually post to your account within seven days.


Made a payment in error? Contact your bank to ask for a stop payment. T-Mobile can't stop your payment once it's been submitted.



Credit/Debit card payments

  • Authorization holds can be applied to credit or debit card payments made through our automated call payment system, customer care, MyT-Mobile, and T-Mobile app.
  • Only your financial institution can help with releasing a hold, not T-Mobile. In most cases the bank will automatically release funds within three business days, this period can vary depending on each financial institution's policy.
  • We can't accept credit or debit card payments if the bank statement is mailed to another country other than the United States.



Check payments

  • Payments are immediately sent to your bank for processing, it can take up to 72 banking hours to show withdrawn from your bank account.
  • Checks that are returned for insufficient funds, will be sent one more time to get the funds from your bank account before charging a fee.
  • Electronic check payments and paper checks are not accepted for No Credit Check accounts, Prepaid accounts, or in retail locations.



Mailed payments

  • A check or money order can be mailed. Do not send cash.
  • Your T-Mobile account number must be written on all payments to post to your account correctly.
  • Payments are sent to your bank the same day they are received.



Certified funds

You can pay your bill in-store with cash or mail a money order if your account is set to certified funds only.



Fraudulent payments

  • Fraudulent payments happen when an unauthorized person uses your checking/savings account or credit/debit card information.
  • To resolve the issue, dispute the unauthorized payment(s) through your financial institution directly, not T-Mobile.
  • This helps prevent other unauthorized transactions, and your bank can address any unauthorized transactions fees.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has steps you can take to help protect yourself.



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