Identity theft

Identity theft occurs when someone steals another person's information and identity. Unfortunately, we can only help with unauthorized T-Mobile accounts.


Continue reading to see what other help is available to you.



About identity theft

Stolen identity information can be used to open fraudulent credit accounts and services, hide immigration status, or conceal a criminal record.


Contact all of the credit bureaus used to process consumer credit:


Place a fraud alert on your file at each of the credit bureaus.

  • This statement deters anyone who attempts to fraudulently use your identity in the future.
  • After the statement is on file, any future credit applications are placed in review until the Credit Department and the inquiring business contacts you to verify the new account authorization.
  • You must change the information at the bureaus if you move or change employers.


Protect yourself going forward

  • Request copies of your credit report from each of the credit bureaus.
  • Review the inquiries on the credit reports to be sure they all came from a credit check you remember.
  • Contact any unrecognized businesses to check if an unauthorized account was opened in your name.
  • You can also review this government page for more Self-Service options.



Unauthorized T-Mobile account

  1. File a police report and retain a copy.
  2. Inform us of the identify fraud as soon as possible.