New line, switcher, and service deals

Looking for a great deal on a new line or service? Thinking about switching to T-Mobile? Check out the new line, service, and switcher deals below to help you decide what's best for you!



New line deals


There's are no special new line deals. Check back soon for updates!


Switcher deals


Carrier Freedom™


With Carrier Freedom, we'll pay off your service contracts and device payments (up to $650) via trade-in credit and prepaid MasterCard® card (or prepaid virtual MasterCard) when you sign up for qualifying service and finance a new device and trade in your current device. Learn more!





Verizon customers listen up, because we're making it easier than ever to make the switch to T-Mobile. For a limited time, and with qualifying credit, if you have an eligible iPhone, Pixel, or Samsung device with Verizon, we'll pay off what you owe to them (up to $650) for that device via a virtual prepaid MasterCard® and you can keep your device to use on the T-Mobile network. Learn more!



Service deals

Business Family Discounts


If you have a company-provided business line with T-Mobile, you can now add your family to your account and save up to 50% off the first two lines on a family plan. Already have your family on a Simple Choice plan or T-Mobile ONE? You can get in on the BFD too! Learn more!