Switcher deals

We're making it easier than ever to make the switch to T-Mobile. Check out the switcher deals below to help you decide what's best for you!



Carrier Freedom™


With Carrier Freedom, we'll pay off your service contracts and device payments (up to $650) via trade-in credit and prepaid MasterCard® card (or prepaid virtual MasterCard) when you sign up for qualifying service and finance a new device and trade in your current device. Learn more!






Verizon customers listen up, because we're making it easier than ever to make the switch to T-Mobile. For a limited time, and with qualifying credit, if you have an eligible iPhone, Pixel, or Samsung device with Verizon, we'll pay off what you owe to them (up to $650) for that device via a virtual prepaid MasterCard® and you can keep your device to use on the T-Mobile network. Learn more!




2018 ATT Port In


AT&T customers on the "Data Unlimited for iPhone on 4G LTE with VVM" legacy data plan, are you tired of seeing your charges go up? We've got just what you need. For a limited time, if you pay for this specific iPhone data plan, we'll give you $250 via prepaid MasterCard® when you bring your AT&T number to T-Mobile, activate a new line of service, or add a line to an existing account on a qualifying T-Mobile ONE voice plan. It's our WTH (Why the Hike) Deal. Learn more!