T-Mobile Video Calling troubleshooting

Video calling is the next best thing to being there in person. Learn how to fix problems with it not working.


T-Mobile only only supports T-Mobile Video Calling service, available only on select phones sold by T-Mobile. Other popular video calling services are supported by their developer.



T-Mobile Video Calling

For problems with the T-Mobile Video Calling service included on some phones, try the following:


  1. Make sure the other person (who you're trying to call) is a T-Mobile U.S. customer. The service doesn't work with other carriers or numbers.
  2. Make sure you both have T-Mobile devices that support the service. If not, it won't work. (Visit Devices, select your device, go to "Tech specs" page, and check if they support T-Mobile Video Calling.)
    • In the web browser, open a few web pages to check your Internet connection is loading. If not, follow No Internet instead.
    • Turn on VoLTE in device settings. This improves call quality and allows you to stay connected to LTE data while on a call.
    • Check the phone shows a LTE or a Wi-Fi network connection. 4G and lower is not capable.
    • Turn on Wi-Fi Calling. It must be enabled if on Wi-Fi.
      • Uninstall all third-party calling apps.
      • Update the device software to the latest version. Visit the Devices page for current versions and steps.
      • Record a short video, to verify the camera is working.
      • Check that the contact supports T-Mobile Video Calling:
        • Open your Contacts app, and then open the contact.
        • If the contact is compatible, a green camera icon confirms both of you are compatible.
      • Have the other person follow the steps above too. They need to check their settings and network connection.
      • If T-Mobile Video Calling is still not working, please contact us for additional help. We may need to check a few account settings and look at the local network in more detail for you.



      FaceTime, Facebook, Google, Skype, and other video call services

      T-Mobile provides your Internet connect, but can't help with non-T-Mobile services you use on it. Here's where to find help for common video calling services:




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