Password, PIN, or fingerprint lock troubleshooting

Your fingerprint or password lock keeps unwanted users out of your phone, but might accidentally keep you out. It's frustrating, but we can try get around it.


Password, PIN, or fingerprint doesn't unlock the device screen

  1. Turn off Bluetooth. If you can't, turn off all connected Bluetooth devices.
  2. For password or PIN locks, check the password is correct. For example, make sure caps lock is off.
  3. For fingerprint locks:
    • The fingerprint scanner needs to be clean, and your hands should be dry.
    • Use the same finger that you used at setup.
    • Touch and hold the sensor. If you tap quickly, it may not have time to see your finger.
    • Enter your backup security PIN code, if the fingerprint continues to have problems.
  4. For Android devices,  Reset the security lock on an Android device.
  5. For Apple iPhones, see: If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple Support.
  6. If your device is still locked, perform a master reset with hardware keys. (Visit the Devices page, select your device, and under 'System & Settings' look for the device reset page.)
  7. For additional assistance, contact your device manufacturer.


For BlackBerry devices, you get 10 attempts to enter the correct password. After the 10th attempt, it prompts you to type blackberry, which wipes the device.