Binge On movie on us promotion with Vudu is ending

The movie on us promotion with Vudu is coming to an end on March 31, 2018.


If you received an SMS (text message) or a letter from T-Mobile that contained a link or URL that brought you here, you can read information below about the end of the movie on us promotion with Vudu.


We’ve got more free stuff for you every week in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, where you will find great deals on food, entertainment, and more – just for being a customer! Weekly gifts in the past have included discounted movie tickets and free movie rentals, so download the free app and #GetThanked.




Why am I getting a text message about movie on us?

When we launched Binge On, we offered our Simple Choice™ Unlimited data plan customers a movie on us for every month of 2016 with Vudu. We extended the offer through early 2018, but the extension on this promotion has come to an end.


Why are you ending this promotion?

This is the end of the limited-time promotion extension, but we hope you have enjoyed this amazing offer as much as we did!


What was the original offer that I signed up for?

If you were on a Simple Choice Unlimited data plan, and you had Binge On enabled for the entire prior billing cycle, you were eligible to redeem a promo code for a free Vudu movie rental.


How will this impact my Binge On usage?

No change!


How will this impact my T-Mobile bill?

No worries here! Your T-Mobile bill did not reflect this offer, so you'll see no changes! If you continue using Vudu, you’ll be billed directly from Vudu.


I don’t currently use Binge On. Why am I receiving this message?

Even though you're not currently using Binge On, you redeemed the offer in the last six months and we want to give you a heads up! Stream on!


What else do you guys offer that would give me access to movies?

Keep your eyes peeled on T-Mobile Tuesdays, where we love to give away different kinds of video experiences and epic prizes!