Incompatible T-Mobile ONE Plus removal & bill credits

If you received an SMS (text message) from T-Mobile that contained a link that brought you here, please read the information below about your ONE Plus feature.




Why did I get this message?

Oops!  It looks like you have T-Mobile ONE Plus on a mobile internet line with which it's not compatible. Because your line isn’t compatible with T-Mobile ONE Plus, the full benefits of that feature don't apply to your current plan, and your plan service may be impacted. The only ONE Plus feature that may have been compatible with your plan was the 2x faster international data speeds in Simple Global countries; if you need assistance with future international data support, please contact us.


So, what's happening?

To ensure that your plan functionality is not impacted, the T-Mobile ONE Plus feature will be removed from your mobile internet line so you won't be charged for this feature. You should also receive credits within your next two bill cycles for the full amount you paid for the ONE Plus feature while it was on the incompatible line.


What do I need to do?

Nothing! We’ll be scheduling the changes to your line in conjunction with adjustments for the previous months that were charged. No further action is required from you.


Where can I go for more information/assistance?

Call 1-800-937-8997 to speak to a representative.