Switch from BlackBerry to Windows Phone

This document offers tips to help you get up and running on your new phone. Some steps may use a lot of data, so use Wi-Fi when available.



Transfer your data between phones

Windows Phone apps cannot transfer to BlackBerry, unfortunately. However, a developer may have made a version you can purchase/download for your new phone. Head over to the Windows Phone Store to search for a similar app.


  • Set up the Microsoft account as a new email on the new device.
  • Choose to sync Contacts and Calendar.


Transfer your photos

You can use Dropbox to backup photos on your old phone and restore them to your new phone.


  • T-Mobile Store: Some retail stores can transfer contacts, calendar, pictures, and videos for you.
  • SD card: If both the old phone and the new Android phone have an SD card, you can move the SD card to the new phone. See your phone's common procedure page for SD Card for steps to save to the SD Card.
  • Computer: If you have a computer available, you can copy pictures and videos to the computer, and then to the new device. See your phone's common procedure page for steps to backup & restore using a computer.