Manage DIGITS users and pairings

With DIGITS, you control who can access them and how they work!



Log in to manage DIGITS users and pairings

Before you can manage your DIGITS users and pairings, you must log into the MyDIGITS portal.


  1. Choose how to log in:
    • If you're not logged into My T-Mobile, go to the MyDIGITS portal at and log in with your T-Mobile ID and password.
    • If you are already logged into My T-Mobile, click Phone, select the DIGITS line from the drop-down list, then click Manage DIGITS Settings.
  2. View the following sections:
    • The DIGITS I Can Use section lists the DIGITS available for use with your T-Mobile ID. This section also lists DIGITS associated with other T-Mobile IDs that you've been given permission to use.
    • The Other DIGITS I Can Manage section lists the DIGITS that you can manage with your T-Mobile ID, but don't currently have permission to use. DIGITS listed in this section aren't available to you when you sign in to the DIGITS app. However, the Primary Account Holder can manage, assign, or remove users and devices for DIGITS listed in this section. If you're a business account owner, visit T-Mobile For Business Support to set up your Primary Account Holder permissions before using to manage your DIGITS.



Choose who can use your DIGITS

Before you can start using your DIGITS Talk & Text line, you must assign yourself as a user. You can also assign other T-Mobile ID's as users of any DIGITS, as long you don't have a Pay In Advance account.


Add user

  1. Log into the MyDIGITS portal and click on the desired DIGITS.
  2. Under DIGITS I can manage, click the DIGITS line that you want to set up.
  3. Click Add Myself.
  4. To add other T-Mobile IDs, click Add user. Enter the desired email address and click Send. Pay In Advance accounts cannot add other T-Mobile IDs.
  5. Click OK. Now you can access and use these DIGITS on DIGITS-capable devices, through the app, or on the web.


Remove user

  1. Log into the MyDIGITS portal and click on the desired DIGITS.
  2. Click Remove next to the desired email address.
  3. If you do not see the Remove icon, you do not have permissions to remove the user.
    • Users with a physical SIM linking their DIGITS to their T-Mobile ID can not be removed.
    • The owner of the account can always remove all other users.
    • A specific user can always remove themselves.
  4. A text message notification will be sent every time there is a change to DIGITS.
    • The notification is sent to the line you make a change on.
    • This ensures the user is aware if other parties can see all communication and call/message from those DIGITS.



Pair your Data with paired DIGITS

Data with paired DIGITS acts as a copy of your existing phone number. To let T-Mobile know which line to copy, you must pair the DIGITS line with the desired number.


  1. Log into the MyDIGITS portal and click on the desired Data with paired DIGITS line.
  2. Under Paired DIGITS, choose the desired primary line from the drop-down box and click Save.



Setup DIGITS with T-Mobile For Business

  • Because of how DIGITS works, you'll need to set up a Primary Account Holder before you can do the steps above.
  • If your employer assigns you T-Mobile DIGITS to use on your personal device, you will receive an email from your employer. Follow the link in that email to register for a T-Mobile ID if you don’t already have one. Once you have your T-Mobile ID set up, you can sign in to the DIGITS app and use your DIGITS.


Watch a video on adding a user

Watch a video on adding yourself as a user for your DIGITS. You can also see simulations in English or Spanish.