Wi-Fi network problems

Learn how to troubleshoot problems with connecting to or using a home Wi-Fi network from your mobile device.



Home Wi-Fi network problems

To resolve this issue:


  1. Check the device settings: (If you need help, look up the instructions for your phone in Devices)
    • Wi-Fi is turned on.
    • Battery or power saving modes are turned off.
    • For Apple, Wi-Fi Assist is turned off.
    • Your phone has the latest software version.
  2. Move closer to the Wi-Fi router, within 50 feet, and with no walls or obstructions between it and the device.
    Note: Wi-Fi signal quality degrades as you move away from the router or have more obstacles between the router and connecting device.
  3. Uninstall any apps that manage Wi-Fi, explore Wi-Fi networks, or save battery life.
  4. Reset network settings.
  5. Turn off internet modems and routers, and restart them beginning with the modem.
  6. Restart your device.
  7. Check the password is correct. Log into the Wi-Fi network from another device to check.
  8. Open a web browser, and attempt to visit a web page. Some public Wi-Fi networks will display a login page that you need to pass before using the Wi-Fi in other apps.
  9. If issues continue, contact your internet service provider.