Airport Wi-Fi trial at LAX

T-Mobile has partnered with Boingo to provide more options for connectivity to airport Wi-Fi, starting with the LAX airport. Using Passpoint technology, supported devices automatically connect to Boingo’s Premium Wi-Fi network.



About Airport Wi-Fi with Boingo


  • Using Passpoint, Boingo Wi-Fi Hotspots at the LAX airport are free for all T-Mobile customers with eligible devices. It does not count against high-speed data buckets or kick-back credits.
  • Devices capable of Wi-Fi Calling 2.0 can move calls between 4G LTE and Wi-Fi without dropping.
  • T-Mobile fully encrypts all voice, text, and picture message traffic over a VPN connection, giving the same security as using the T-Mobile network.
  • Like other public Wi-Fi hotspots, it is possible for bad actors to observe and capture data used in browsing or app use sessions. We recommend using only fully encrypted sites (HTTPS) or refraining from transmitting sensitive data while connecting to data through public Wi-Fi hotspots. For more information refer to our Privacy & Security Resources for using Wi-Fi networks.



Eligible devices

To check if you can take advantage of this service, your device must support Passpoint and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac compatible with the 5 GHz channel. Here is how to find out if your device supports it:


  • Passpoint
    Most devices support this. From the device Wi-Fi menu, choose the Advanced or More section, depending on device. If you see the Passpoint or Hotspot 2.0 option there, it is supported. Make sure it is enabled so you can be part of the trial.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/c (5 GHz)
    Refer to the Devices page. Open your device, find the Tech Specs page, and check the Connectivity section for this information.



Enable or disable Passpoint


  1. Turn on Wi-Fi. Check your device common procedures for instructions.
  2. From the device Wi-Fi menu, choose the Advanced or More section, depending on device.
  3. Check the Passpoint or Hotspot 2.0 check box. To disable, clear the checkbox



  1. Check the device has iOS 10+ and carrier settings 28.3+.
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi. Check your device common procedures for instructions.
    • The Passpoint feature is built into the Wi-Fi setting.
    • If Wi-Fi is on, then so is Passpoint. To disable, turn off Wi-Fi.



Support for Passpoint

If you have any problems with Wi-Fi connectivity at the airport, try to troubleshoot Wi-Fi network troubleshooting. If you need any more help, contact us.




When did T-Mobile enable this technology trial?

T-Mobile's Passpoint technology trial started at LAX in Terminal 7 on August 9, 2017. T-Mobile and Boingo plan to expand the Passpoint technology solution across all terminals at LAX starting November 13, 2017.


What is Passpoint?

Passpoint is an industry-wide solution that streamlines access to Wi-Fi networks while delivering peace of mind by using WPA2 security. Passpoint automates that entire process, enabling a seamless connection between Boingo’s Passpoint enabled Wi-Fi network and selected T-Mobile devices.


Why did I connect to the Wi-Fi network at the LAX airport?

T-Mobile and Boingo have partnered to enhance customer's network experience at the LAX airport. Customer's phones will connect them to the premium Boingo Wi-Fi network and allow them to use free Wi-Fi data while they are in transit.