First-time use: HTC U11 life

After turning on your device the first time, you may see a setup wizard to help you set up the HTC U11 life.



First-time use

  1. Make sure the SIM card is inserted.
  2. Tap LET'S GO.
  3. Scroll down to read the 'Terms of use' and tap NEXT.
  4. Tap AGREE to accept the terms of use.
  5. Tap your Wi-Fi network and enter your Wi-Fi password.
  6. Tap NEXT.
  7. Tap OK to use mobile data.
  8. Enter your Google account email or phone number to setup your Google account. Tap SKIP if you wish to skip this step.
  9. Enter you Google account password.
  10. Tap I AGREE to add your Google account.
  11. Select the Google services you want and tap NEXT.
  12. To set up the Google Assistant, tap CONTINUE. If you do not wish to use the Google Assistant, tap NO THANKS.
  13. If you selected to use the assistant:
    1. Tap YES I'M IN.
    2. Tap GET STARTED.
    3. Say "Ok Google" three times.
  14. To set up an HTC Account enter an email or phone number and create a password. You can also use one of the following services to create the account:
    • Google+
    • Facebook
    • Steam
  15. Select your account preferences:
    • Yes, I'm in
    • No thanks, I'm out
  16. Tap NEXT.
  17. To set up Edge Sense, tap SET UP NOW. You can skip the set up by tapping SET UP LATER.
  18. Squeese the sides of the device three times.
  19. Tap NEXT.
  20. You can test the squeeze pressure by squeezing the sides to fill a ballon, once you are satified tap NEXT.
  21. Tap DONE.
  23. If setting up the fingerprint, select a screen lock method:
    • Pattern
    • PIN
    • Password
  24. Tap START.
  25. Tap the fingerprint scanner repeatedly until the print is accepted, then tap DONE.
  26. Select your personal settings and tap NEXT.
  27. To opt out of the 'Device Data Collection' tap the Agree checkbox to remove the check and tap Next.
  28. Tap Accept or Decline for 'Issue Assist' and 'Personalized Offers'.