T-Mobile's iPhone upgrade program

T-Mobile’s iPhone upgrade program is the simplest way for iPhone lovers to stay on Apple’s latest device and for a limited time, join for free! Just trade in your current iPhone once you have paid down 50% of the cost, and T-Mobile will wipe out your remaining payments so you can upgrade to your next iPhone.




If you have a postpaid account, including business accounts, you are eligible to take part. Simply buy any new Apple iPhone on a qualified finance agreement during the promotional window (starting September 15, 2017 for a limited time only) and you are in.


What's not included

  • New Certified Pre-Owned iPhone orders
  • Prepaid customers are not eligible
  • No Credit Check accounts not included
  • JUMP! On Demand not allowed
  • Premium Device Protection (PDP) not included



What you get and how it works

Once you buy an eligible Apple iPhone, we automatically enroll you in the free program and there is no other action needed. When you are ready to upgrade, simply ensure your original EIP balance is 50% paid off, trade in the device you bought, and get ready to enjoy your new iPhone. Just make sure to do it before your two-year window is up! Here are a few other important things to remember:

  • This program provides you with one upgrade redemption for the life of your number.
  • If you are taking part in the 2017 Q3 $300 Off iPhone Launch Offer, and you take advantage of the upgrade program, your monthly bill credits for the iPhone Launch offer will end.
  • Already a JUMP! customer? Great! You will still be able to upgrade your device after you've paid-off 50% of the EIP.
  • This program does not offer device protection and your device must pass a 4-point inspection to upgrade. You can add JUMP!® with PDP Plus so you are always protected with AppleCare, device protection, a personal help desk, McAfee Security Content, and ID Protection for only $15.