Pokémon Go data offer has expired

The Unlimited Pokémon Go data offer – which was available to eligible customers in August 2016 – has expired.


You may have received a text message taking you here with more information about what's happening.




Why did I get a text message about Pokémon Go data?

In August 2016, users of the T-Mobile Tuesdays app were gifted with unlimited data on the Pokémon Go app for one year at no extra charge. This was a limited-time offer, and it expired on October 10, 2017.


Why did you end this promotion?

It marked the end of a year-long, limited-time offer.


What was the offer I signed up for?

We offered our customers the ability to opt in, through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, to receive data on the Pokémon Go app at no extra charge. If you're on a plan with limited data and opted in to the offer, any play didn't counted toward your data allotment.


How will this impact my data usage?

You can continue to play Pokémon Go, but for users that are on limited data plans, data used in the Pokémon Go app will count toward your monthly allotment.


How will this impact my bill?

Your bill didn't reflect this offer, so you'll see no changes.


I don’t have a limited data plan. Why am I receiving this message?

Even though you don’t have a monthly data allotment, you redeemed the offer and we want to let you know that the offer is over.