Moto app

Use these steps to learn about the Moto app for Motorola phones.




Your Moto phone is even more responsive and personal. It adjusts automatically, like reading out texts while driving. It reacts to motion, like opening the camera with two quick twists. It responds to your voice. It notifies you at a glance, so that you can see important messages.


  • Tap Moto Actions to set:
    • One button nav
    • Chop Twice for Falshlight
    • Twist for Quick Capture
    • Swipe to shrink screen
    • Pick up to stop ringing
    • Flip for Do Not Disturb
    • Approach for Moto Display
  • Tap Moto Display to set:
    • Night Display
    • Moto Display
  • Tap Moto Voice to set:
    • Set up Voice
    • Talk to me
      • Driving
      • Headset
      • More options
        • Audio Troubleshooting
        • Improved driving detection
    • Bypass secure lock
    • Settings
      • Metric
      • Imperial
    • Help
    • Privacy



For any questions or problems with this application please contact Motorola.