Global Business Plus™

T-Mobile's Global Business Plus has you covered, helping you stay connected with unlimited, talk, text, and data from your smartphone practically wherever your business travels take you.


Global Business Plus helps take the guesswork out of calling and data rates. You can easily keep in touch with your customers, coworkers, and home while traveling overseas. You can remain productive–accessing email, online documents, messages, maps, videos, and voicemail–while relying on the steady stream of data that you're accustomed to while working from your office.


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What you get

With Global Business Plus, you can travel worry free.


You get the following while traveling in 140+ countries or destinations:

  • Unlimited high-speed data for your mobile device
  • Unlimited calling to and from your mobile device
  • Unlimited messaging to and from your mobile device
  • 5 GB of high-speed tethering.


Speeds may vary by country.


Need more data for tethering?

Global Business Plus provides up to 5 GB of tethering data. Combine this with the unlimited high-speed data, it should suit most business travelers. If you run out of 5 GB tethering, your tethered data speed may be slowed, but it would still work for activities like checking email, downloading documents, or even using mobile maps.


Read our International Roaming & Dialing policy.