Messaging to country code +053 (Cuba) FAQs

Starting as early as August 9, 2017, T-Mobile will no longer support messaging to country code +053 (Cuba).


Find answers to commonly asked questions about this update to messaging to +053 numbers.


As a T-Mobile customer, what are my options for contacting numbers with the +053 country code?

T-Mobile postpaid customers can call landline and wireless phone numbers with a Cuba country code. If you have our Stateside International Talk feature ($15 per month per line) or if you have T-Mobile ONE Plus™ International, calls from the US to numbers with the country code +053 (Cuba) cost just $0.60 per minute. Without SIT or ONE Plus International, the rate is $3 per minute. Currently, T-Mobile customers on prepaid plans can't make calls to Cuba phone numbers.



Will you allow messaging to +053 numbers in the future?

We're continuing to work with the local carrier to understand options for supporting messaging in the future.



Can I use my T-Mobile phone while traveling in Cuba for calls, texts, and data?

Yes. Since 2016, T-Mobile postpaid customers can talk for $2 per minute, send and receive texts for $0.50 per message, and use data for $2 per MB while roaming in Cuba. Plus, there's no extra charge to use Wi-Fi calling to the US.