Submit a rebate

If you need help with your rebate, we got you covered! You can request a rebate online at our T-Mobile Rebates page. Keep in mind all rebates can take up to 8 weeks from the time of receipt. Once your rebate card is processed, you'll receive a Prepaid MasterCard® card for the rebate amount.




Request a rebate

Looking for info on a rebate you might be qualified for? Check out Available rebates and Recently expired rebates.


  1. Visit the T-Mobile Rebates page.
  2. Fill out the appropriate rebate section and click search.
  3. Make sure the mailing address matches the billing address on My T-Mobile.
  4. After reviewing the terms and conditions, follow the on-screen instructions.



Check the status of your rebate

  1. Visit the T-Mobile Rebates Status page.
  2. Enter your information and click the Check status button. Keep in mind, processing can take up to 8 weeks from the time of your request.




How do I get a new rebate if it was lost, stolen, or sent to the wrong address?

Our rebate care team can assist you. Please contact us for further assistance.


If my account is suspended, will my rebate be processed?

Your account must be in good standing in order to be approved for a rebate. The rebate submission will be processed but you will receive a denial and given instructions on how to resubmit.