2 AAL's for the Price of 1

T-Mobile has the only unlimited plan that includes taxes and fees in its price.



From May 25, 2017 through June 27, 2017, you can get 2 additional lines for the price of 1 when you pay for at least 2 voice lines with T-Mobile ONE (after bill credits)! That's 4 unlimited lines for $35 each, with taxes and fees included on AutoPay! That adds up to hundreds of dollars in savings each year


How the offer works

Get 2 additional lines for the price of 1 when you meet the following requirements:


  • Pay for at least two postpaid voice lines of service.
  • Have or switch to a qualifying T-Mobile ONE plan.
  • Activate new qualifying lines during the promotional period from May 25, 2017 through June 27, 2017


Once you meet the promotional requirements, you'll receive bill credits to cover 50% off the monthly line charge.

  • Your credits will begin within two bill cycles after activation.
  • If you don't see a credit on your first bill, you'll see a double or make up credit on your second bill.
  • If you cancel a line activated under this promotion you will lose the promotional credit.
  • If your account drops below two paid T-Mobile ONE voice lines, you will lose your promotional credit.

Note: If you only need one line and have 2 paid lines on T-Mobile ONE, you can add one additional line and get 50% off that additional line.


How to get the offer

To get this offer, visit the nearest T-Mobile retail location, order online, or contact us.


Things to know

  • A maximum of 2 lines for the price of 1 can be added per account during the promotion.
  • You must keep your account in good standing with the lines active to receive your credit.
  • This promotional credit will be applied after all other discounts and will apply to the lines with lowest monthly recurring charge activated during the promotional period.
  • Credit for voice lines applies to talk, text, and data; Any line add-ons will be your responsibility to pay (such as ONE Plus or Stateside International Talk and Text).
  • You're responsible for all taxes and fees on free lines, if applicable.