Free DIGITS with T-Mobile ONE Plus offer

This offer for Free DIGITS with T-Mobile ONE Plus is no longer available.



What's the deal?

  • This offer was available to anyone on T-Mobile ONE Tax Inclusive and adds ONE Plus or ONE Plus International features.
  • You were eligible to receive one $0 DIGITS Talk & Text line for each T-Mobile ONE Plus feature.
  • The DIGITS line is free for the life of your account, as long as the T-Mobile ONE Plus feature remains on the account.


Am I eligible?

This offer is no longer available and the eligibility period has ended.


Things to know

  • You must keep the T-Mobile ONE Plus features on your account to keep the free DIGITS line. If you don't have ONE Plus or ONE Plus International, you may be required to pay $5 to keep using DIGITS.

  • If you remove the T-Mobile ONE Plus feature, you are no longer eligible for this offer. If you use the DIGITS Talk & Text line, pricing increases to up to $5/month.
    • This offer was only available to tax inclusive customers.




    When the promotion goes away, will I lose the promotion advantages?

    No way! Once you qualify for and redeem your free DIGITS line, you will keep it forever as long as you maintain your T-Mobile ONE Plus or ONE Plus International feature on your plan.