Smartphone Mobile HotSpot troubleshooting: HTC HD7

The following experience may be seen:

Menu does not contain feature to enable Internet sharing located at Settings > Internet Sharing


  1. Ensure device is on the newest version of the operating system by following update procedure within software overview page.  
    Note: This involves connecting to a computer with MS Zune software via USB cable.
  2. If device is confirmed to be on the most recent version of the operating system (in Zune software attempting to update yields the message “Your Phone is up to date” click on the Restore button.


  1. Follow onscreen prompts by checking agree and next continue to the restore. This can take upwards of 10 minutes. Please do not disconnect or power off device during this time.
  2. After restore process has finished do not disconnect device. From the Zune software on the computer please select Finish.
  3. Ensure the device has the newest version of the software. Refer to software overview page.
  4. Click  View Sync Options > Click Update on the left > Click Update Now
  5. This may take over 10 minutes to complete.
  6. After completion navigate to Settings and internet sharing.



More Information

  • Windows phone 7.5 is commonly referred to as Mango.
  • Only Windows phone Mango devices with the correct chipset will be able to use wifi tethering. On T-mobile those are currently the HTC Radar 4G and the HTC HD7