Images not displaying in browser: Android

    Troubleshoot problems loading images in your browser on an Android phone.




    1. First, adjust the browser settings:
      1. Open your phone's browser.
      2. Press Menu > More > Settings.
      3. Check that the Load images and Enable JavaScript check boxes are selected.
      4. Scroll down and touch the following:
        • Clear cache
        • Clear history
        • Clear cookie data
      5. If the option is available, touch Set cache size, and increase it.
    2. Check that you are good signal strength and a data or wi-fi connection.
    3. Test loading images on two other web pages. Test the web page on another mobile device if possible.
      • If images work on either of the other web pages, the problem is most likely with the web page and not the device.
      • If the images do not load on other mobile devices, it is definitely an issue with he web page and not the device.
    4. If the issue continues, clear application cache. Find steps in your device > How tos > Manage apps.
    5. Uninstall all apps and updates that you installed since the images last worked.
    6. Check your device documentation for any memory related docs.
    7. Test loading a web page again and if the problem continues, troubleshoot for Unresponsive / frozen phone troubleshooting: Android.