First-time use: Kyocera DuraForce PRO

After turning on your device the first time, you may see a setup wizard to help you set up the Kyocera DuraForce PRO.



First time use

  1. Make sure the battery and SIM card are inserted.
  2. Select your language, then tap the Next arrow.
  3. Tap a Wi-Fi network to connect and enter your password. To setup without a Wi-Fi network, tap Skip.
  4. Enter your Google account, tap Next, then enter your password and tap Next > Accept. To setup without a Google account, tap Skip.
  5. If you setup a Google account, choose your payment method and tap Continue.
  6. If previous backups are available, choose which backup to use and tap Next.
  7. Set a screen lock if you desire to protect the information on your device. To continue unsecured, tap Skip.
  8. If you signed into a Google account, choose which services you wish to use and tap Next.
  9. Tap Next to take a guided tour of your device.