Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee changes

On June 10, 2017, the Regulatory Programs (RPF) & Telco Recovery Fee (TRF) associated with some T-Mobile accounts changed.



T-Mobile ONE Taxes & Fees Included customers

Applicable taxes and fees are included in your monthly service price.


All other customers


What is the Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee?

This fee is used to recover costs associated with (1) government program compliance (RPF) and (2) third-party service and facilities (TRF). See below for additional details.


Why it changed?

We regularly assess our costs and occasionally adjust our fees and taxes as part of regular government program compliance and third-party service reviews. This helps to ensure that our customers are accurately assessed fees and taxes based on their needs and the type of plan they purchase. Customers who prefer not to worry about added taxes and fees can switch to our T-Mobile ONE plan with taxes and fees included in the monthly service price. See your plan options here.


How it changed?

On 6/10/2017, the Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee increased from $2.71 to $3.18 for voice lines, and from $0.98 to $1.16 for data lines. This increase applied to the Telco Recovery portion of the Fee.


Also, former SunCom Wireless customers have been exempt from this fee; however, as of 6/10/2017, those former SunCom customers who aren't on our T-Mobile ONE taxes & fees included plan are charged this fee just like our other customers not on the fees included plan.


Want to know more about what this covers?

This is not a government tax, rather a fee collected and retained by T-Mobile to help recover certain costs we have already incurred and continue to incur. It includes: 1) Funding and complying with government mandates, programs and obligations, like E911 or local number portability, and 2) Charges imposed on T-Mobile by other carriers for the delivery of calls from our customers to theirs, and by third parties for certain network facilities and services we purchase to provide you with service.


For additional information and fees and taxes associated with your T-Mobile account, see Fees & Taxes.