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    What can I do if I had a returned payment?

    Checking account or debit/credit card payments may be returned unpaid to T-Mobile for various reasons, regardless of the payment processing method (e.g., mailed, online, over-the-phone). When payments are returned, it means T-Mobile did not receive funds for the payment.


    Things to keep in mind:

    • Any bank fees that result from attempts to collect payment are your responsibility.
    • Your T-Mobile account will be prohibited from making Electronic Check Payments for at least 30 days.
    • Your checking account may be permanently prohibited if the checking account number used is invalid.
    • If you continue to have returned payments, you may be permanently blocked from making Electronic Check Payments and/or debit/credit card payments, and your service may be permanently disconnected.
    • The Primary Account Holder may receive a text message notification regarding the returned payment prior to any service interruption.



    What happens when my account is past due?

    We know it can sometimes happen. Your account becomes past due, either because you forgot to pay your bill or you're going through some financial troubles. Either way, your account becomes past due if the entire balance is not paid and posted by the due date. When an account does become past due, you'll be limited to what you can and can't do with your phone. During your account's past due status, you may be charged late fees based on where you live.


    We hate to do it, but sometimes past due accounts may experience collection treatment, including service interruption, at any time after the account is past due.

    • Payment of the past due balance is the only way to ensure the account remains in service.
    • A grace period exists for late fees, but service may be interrupted prior to assessment of the late fee based on several factors specific to individual accounts.
    • T-Mobile may attempt to contact the primary subscriber on the account via a phone call or text message when you have a past due balance and you may be facing suspension as a result.


    We want to help you get your payments up to date. If you're experiencing financial problems and need help in making payments, you might consider trying to set up a payment arrangement to help get your account back on track.


    If there are disputed charges on your account, we recommend paying the full amount due in order to avoid service interruption and any associated fees. Any credits you receive will be applied to a future bill cycle.



    What do I do if my payment is missing?

    If you don't see a recent payment that you've made, make sure you've allowed enough time for the payment to post to your account:


    • Payments made by electronic check, by credit card, at a T-Mobile store, or over the phone usually post to your account right away, but it can take up to three hours.
    • AutoPay payments are completed automatically each month about three days before your bill due date.
    • Payments that are mailed in are posted within seven days from the mail date.


    If you’ve confirmed that the payment should've been posted to your T-Mobile account based on how you made the payment, you can help us track it down. If you have more than one T-Mobile account, check those accounts to see if the payment has posted there. You can also check with your bank or credit card provider. If the payment hasn't processed successfully with them, then we haven't yet received your payment.


    If you find that your bank or credit card company did process your payment successfully, but it's still not showing up on your T-Mobile account, please collect as much information as you can about the missing payment before contacting us. Track down the following:


    • Where you made the payment (online, in-store, mailed a check, etc)
    • Specific payment method (credit card, check, cash, etc.)
    • Last 4 digits of payment method (if applicable)
    • Date of payment
    • Specific payment amount


    Once you have this information, contact us so we can open a missing payment request.



    What if I still don't see my payment posted to my account?

    If you received a text message from T-Mobile and it had a link that brought you here, it means we need you to provide documentation showing that you submitted the payment. In the table below, the documentation we need from you depends on the payment method you used. Once you locate the needed information, fax it to the number in the text message.


    Payment method you usedDocumentation we need to track it down
    Mailed in a check or money order

    If you paid by check: We'll need a copy of the front and back of the cashed check. This can be found on your banking website or by visiting a local branch.


    If you paid by money order: We'll need a copy of the front and back of the cashed money order. The image of the cashed money order should be available at the place of purchase.

    Electronic check (a payment method using your bank checking and routing account numbers)Actual bank statement showing the full account number and the payment in question. The statement also needs to show the running balance with five days of payment activity prior to the payment date and five days of payment activity after the payment date.
    Note: This is not the same as an account summary.
    Credit card or debit cardActual credit card or debit card statement showing the full credit card or debit card number and payment transaction. Ten days before and 10 days after the payment date is preferable.
    In-store paymentComputer-generated Store Payment Transaction receipt.
    Online bill payment (such as through your bank or credit union)Front and back copy of the check. Or a copy of the electronic transfer confirmation.


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